Flying sunshade for iPad mini

Posted: 2016-02-13 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | sunshade | ipad

So - the iPad mini is a great screen to fly the Inspire 1 drone with - apart from one thing.

It reflects.

Time for a sunshade. It needs to work both to shade from the sun but also to shade from the user’s reflection.

So - this is based on what I...

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2016-01-31 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Trying out the new Inspire 1 rig - so flying again at the stables. Flew one battery of two - fingers got too cold to fly the second.

Note to remember:

  • When charging your iPad - remember to take it with you

No fancy stuff yet - didn’t go higher...

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2016-01-17 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud | osmo | snow

A nice cold winter’s day at Svarterud stables. Filmed with both the F550 hexcopter (gopro) and a DJI Osmo handheld gimbal.

Took a couple of panoramas with the osmo too:

Svarterud Svarterud

Flight Logs:

Flytrex log on flytrex...

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Snowy Summit

Posted: 2016-01-10 | summit | traxxas | snow

Been snowing - so what else - took the summit out for a spin:

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Updating D4S firmware

Posted: 2016-01-06 | nikon | d4s | firmware

My Nikon D4S had the C firmware 1.20 and L firmware (Distortion Control Data) 2.005. C 1.30 and L 2.009 were available.

I need to do the update from a mac.

C Firmware

Downloading the C firmware was simple.

It downloads a F-D4S-V130M.dmg which contains...

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Kew Gardens - Christmas Lights 2015

Posted: 2015-12-28 | photo | kew gardens | night | christmas

While visiting the UK for Christmas this year - we took a trip to see the Kew Gardens Christmas Lights walk together with dad and my brother and his family.

The full gallery is available on

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2015-11-08 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Second time flying down at Svarterud stables (first flight)

Nice late autumn weather.

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2015-10-26 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Took the F550 out for it’s first spin since April (I really do need to find more time for it).

We were at Svarterud Gård (farm) where the stables the wife and kids ride at is located.

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Overnight trip to Øyungen

Posted: 2015-07-23 | kids | nordmarka | øyungen

Summer holidays are here and we’d promised the kids an overnight camping trip as part of them.

We decided to head to Øyungen - it’s about 2,5km uphill from the nearest bus stop - Skar - at the top of Maridalen. We’d been there before with them and...

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New racing quad

Posted: 2015-05-15 | quadcopter | FPV | 250 | naze32

Finally did most of the build on the new FPV racing quad.


Initial information was covered in this blog post but the basic idea was that I had a racing FPV250 kit but I disliked the frame. I also wanted to try out the Naze32 board instead...

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