Inspire 1 temperature

Posted: 2016-03-14 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | healthydrones | flytrex

I send my flight data to flytrex while flying, and I also upload the flight records to healthy drones afterwards.

Both show a graph of temperature over time. Healthy drones explicitly shows it as battery temperature, flytrex just temperature.


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Round and round in circles

Posted: 2016-03-13 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Today’s flights were just practicing controls - round and round in circles trying to get smoother at lining up shots etc.

No video - it would be extremely boring - but the following flight logs:

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Flying at Svarterud - 28th Feb 2016

Posted: 2016-02-28 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud


Just having fun.

Three flights with video, one taking shots for a pano.

Flight Logs



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Flying at Svarterud - 21st Feb 2016

Posted: 2016-02-21 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud


A normal Sunday at the stables - so yet again just taking some time to get some flying in.

First flight I took no video - was mostly just getting used to different settings and actions. But I did get a new record max speed of just under 65...

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Svarterud - pics, tests etc

Posted: 2016-02-14 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | dronepan | autoflight

Down at Svarterud again - time for some more tests.


First up - a test of dronepan. This is an SDK app which controls the drone and takes a series of photos for doing a 360 degree panorama. Of course - it can’t shoot straight up thru the...

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Flying sunshade for iPad mini

Posted: 2016-02-13 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | sunshade | ipad

So - the iPad mini is a great screen to fly the Inspire 1 drone with - apart from one thing.

It reflects.

Time for a sunshade. It needs to work both to shade from the sun but also to shade from the user’s reflection.

So - this is based on what I...

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2016-01-31 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Trying out the new Inspire 1 rig - so flying again at the stables. Flew one battery of two - fingers got too cold to fly the second.

Note to remember:

  • When charging your iPad - remember to take it with you

No fancy stuff yet - didn’t go higher...

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2016-01-17 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud | osmo | snow

A nice cold winter’s day at Svarterud stables. Filmed with both the F550 hexcopter (gopro) and a DJI Osmo handheld gimbal.

Took a couple of panoramas with the osmo too:

Svarterud Svarterud

Flight Logs:

Flytrex log on flytrex...

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Snowy Summit

Posted: 2016-01-10 | summit | traxxas | snow

Been snowing - so what else - took the summit out for a spin:

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Updating D4S firmware

Posted: 2016-01-06 | nikon | d4s | firmware

My Nikon D4S had the C firmware 1.20 and L firmware (Distortion Control Data) 2.005. C 1.30 and L 2.009 were available.

I need to do the update from a mac.

C Firmware

Downloading the C firmware was simple.

It downloads a F-D4S-V130M.dmg which contains...

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