Sowing barley

Down at the stables again today - and once the kids had ridden - I wanted to try to fly. Last weekend it was too windy.

This weekend - it was also pretty windy - so much so that I only flew one battery (but that's also related to the kids wanting to head home).

Decided to see what it's like trying to film a moving target - this time the tractor sowing barley.

Didn't dare go too close - it was really windy and the inspire was bucking a bit in the wind - but - it did a real job of keeping the gimbal steady - the film came out pretty stable even though the craft was bouncing around up there.

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Turned up in a garlic bed unexpectedly :)
Femsjøen sky
A first test of the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer tracker head. This shot is made up of 10 shots - each 2 mins at f/2,8 ISO 100 14mm. Merged using Starry Landscape Tracker then adjusted in PS (merged in one shorter exposure at the bottom to get a a sharper land silhouette. You can see that even out of town - still struggling with light pollution - far too much light in the sky. But - still fun to play with.
Langlielva near Elveli
Introduction between a norweigan fjord horse and a halfling to see if they could share a paddock. The introduction went well - they now keep each other company in the paddock every day
Evening trees
Mist settling over the trees on a hillside behind a ploughed field