Posted: 2014-09-14

Flying the F550 hexcopter near Vinland/Gan

Posted: 2014-09-13

Met up with Gard, Bendik, Philip and Kenneth at Vettre

Posted: 2014-09-08

Testing the F550 naza build near Gan

Posted: 2014-08-03

Building the rabbit run frame

Posted: 2014-06-09

Adding a backlight kit behind the LCD on a DX6i radio

Posted: 2014-06-07

Replacing the Turnigiy TGY 9X radio with the DX6i

Posted: 2014-06-06

Had a slight accident with my stampede - hit a jump ramp at slightly the wrong angle and bust a suspension arm.

Posted: 2014-05-29

So I finally got irritated enough with the radio that comes with the Blade Nano QX RTF (MLP4DSM) that I grabbed a Spektrum DX6i instead.

Posted: 2014-04-03

Was out today with Fredrik and Bendik. Flew out three batteries.

Posted: 2014-03-23

First photo assignment from dedpxl is lines