Using the Spektrum DX6i radio with the Blade Nano QX

Posted: 2014-05-29

So I finally got irritated enough with the radio that comes with the Blade Nano QX RTF (MLP4DSM) that I grabbed a Spektrum DX6i instead.

The Blade Nano QX manual says that you need to following configuration for the DX6i:

  • Acro mode (not heli)
  • Flaps switch should set NORM FLAP to Down 20 (this is for switching the QX in and out of agility mode)
  • Elev D/R and Ail D/R should be at 70% for low rate and 100% for high rate (this gives you a slightly less manic quad when learning)

So - I programmed up the following:

Type and Name

Setup List > Model Type > Acro
Setup List > Model Name > NANO QX

D/R & Expo

Adjust List > D/R Expo > AILE 0 70%
Adjust List > D/R Expo > ELEV 0 70%

Both of these switch to 100% when you flick the respective switch. I guess I could also set a low rate for rudder here if I wanted - but I couldn't be bothered - yawing isn't too bad.


Adjust List > Flaps > NORM FLAP > Down 20

Now this says to toggle in and out of agility mode - move the flaps switch from 0 to 1 and back. This appears to work - the LED on the QX switches from blue to red and back.

But - when in agility mode - it stops responding to the pitch/roll stick.

Horizon Hobby support suggested resetting the radio program and starting again - which I did - same result.

Just on a whim - I changed the flaps from NORM FLAP Down 20 to LAND FLAP Down 20 - and this appears to work just fine.

I've queried this with Horizon - will get an answer in about a week I guess - based on how long they took last time.


So - the config I'm running looks like:

Main Screen
Main Screen
Adjust List > D/R Expo
Adjust List > D/R Expo
Adjust List > Flaps
Adjust List > Flaps