Posted: 2015-02-22

Vettakollen - Båntjern - Sognsvann with a campfire/grill stop

Posted: 2015-02-21

On Gaustadjordet with P and the Summit and Vorza

Posted: 2015-02-14

Fixing up the summit for better grip in the snow

Posted: 2014-12-21

Putting up the outside lights

Posted: 2014-11-22

Updating the temperature sensor for the outside rabbit run

Posted: 2014-10-28

Playing at being a conference photographer

Posted: 2014-10-15

Soldering up the rabbit temperature monitor

Posted: 2014-10-14

How to keep an eye on the rabbit run heated sleeping area

Posted: 2014-10-04

Insulating the rabbit run sleeping area

Posted: 2014-09-22

Updating from flytrex core to flytrex live