Lets make a door nameplate

Posted: 2020-11-11

In the current situation - there has been an increase in the number of things delivered rather than heading to the shops.

Being a building with two flats - and two doors - but just one house number - there's been a fair bit of confusion and stuff delivered to the wrong flat.

So - time for a name plate for the door.

The house is from 1932 - so - we took a look at other signs from the same period and landed on one with a nice thin font (Poirot One) and bars/corner boxes.


So - first up - make the backing board. This is a piece of 6mm ply - cut to size and sanded smooth on one side.

Second - the frame to hold it to the door - these are made from old cut off pieces of pallet wood - jointed, planed and routed - to give a rebate along the inner edge to take the board and chamfered on top edges.

Checking the rebate
Checking the rebate - in this shot the edges are just butted but they will be mitred corners when done


So - how to do the lettering?

Step 1 - three coats of a spray white lightly sanded after the first and second coat.

Step 2 - design the layout in a combination of Illustrator and Fusion 360 - getting the result as SVG.

Step 3 - cut out the design on a silhouette cameo 4 cutter using stencil material - a sticky back thick vinyl/plastic and then attach this to the white painted side. Mask off anything outside with tape. Make sure all edges are tightly pressed down.

Step 4 - three coats of a spray black

Black paint on a stencil
Black paint on stencil

Step 5 - very very carefully - remove the stencil - hoping all the while that nothing has got under the edges. That was a bit nervewracking.


These shots show the results after peeling the stencil.

Corner showing a closeup of the bars/corner boxes
Closeup of some of the lettering
Full Board
The nameplate

Next steps

Three more things to do:

  • A coat or two of a clear top layer to protect the thin black paint from damage
  • Paint and cut the frame and cut the excess off the board away (equal amount of white space on all four sides)
  • Mount it