Posted: 2014-03-16

I needed some different/colourful images for the newly decorated loo wall :)

Posted: 2014-03-09

First photo assignment from dedpxl is lines

Posted: 2014-03-08

THe usual adapters that fix the bar on the back are large and fiddly. This looks a lot simpler.

Posted: 2014-03-04

Foam lined instrument case for a number of mini drones.

Posted: 2014-01-13

The bathroom window has now arrived - getting the last touches done

Posted: 2014-01-09

Just some sillyness from Itera's juletrefest

Posted: 2013-12-21
Posted: 2013-12-19
Posted: 2013-12-19

Disconnected the wiring - but couldn't find the diagrams to reconnect online. Dealer helped

Posted: 2013-12-18