Phantom Naza connections

Posted: 2013-12-19

I was doing some reorganising inside my DJI phantom when I disconnected the cables from the Naza controller.

I'd checked online - and found lots of info on reconnecting them - so I hadn't noted what was connected where.

However - when it came time to reconnect I found that all the info online talked about reconnecting the antenna cable to X2 on the Naza and I have the dual antenna model.

I'd guessed that this meant using X2 and X1 (X3 is a power connection) - but I couldn't be sure.

So - I talked to my my dealer and got back a photo showing the connections.

Note which antenna cable goes to which port - it will not work if you reverse them :)

X1 and X2 connections to the Naza
X1 and X2 connections to the Naza