Test 3d print spinner

So - the kids are taken by the current fidget spinner craze.

I have to say that personally - they seem like simple gyroscopes - but OK - they think they're interesting.

So - what can we do with that to make it more interesting (and perhaps just a little educational)?

Well - how about we design and make our own?

Test run

So - I got around to a test run this evening - so that at least it looks vaguely like I know what I'm talking about when working through one with the kids.

Some design points:

  • only one centre bearing - I'm not going to spend loads of cash on something used to weight the outside
  • weights are simple ball bearings - 8mm - bought in a 100pc lot off aliexpress.

For the test I designed a simple 5 arm spinner in Fusion360. Space for a bearing in the center, and weights around the edge.

Section through the spinner showing bearing and caps from Fusion360
Section through the spinner showing bearing and caps from Fusion360

Render from Fusion360
Render from Fusion360

For the caps - I re-did the locking caps from a youtube video from the 3D Printing Nerd, again - modelled in Fusion360 (see video at end of post).

Then it was a case of print and put together. Photo shows the assembled spinner and a bearing (since that's hidden inside the caps).

Finished spinner with bearing
Finished spinner with bearing

My son at least is very keen to design his own spinner now - and also thinks that perhaps Dad is just possibly a little cool :)

He's also impressed with a 52 second spin time (very informal test) - I have no idea if that's good or not - but he liked it.

So - success - he's interested in doing some 3d modelling with me - which can't be a bad thing :)

Video from Joel/3D Printing Nerd showing the locking caps

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