Base and bumps

The Dalek build has been started.

The base front and back parts have been printed.

They show the footprint of the finished model when placed together:

The two base parts placed together
The two base parts placed together

Oddly - the quality on the front (printed first) is quite a bit higher than on the rear despite them being the same height, same cross section for the most part, same slicing configuration, same temperatures, same filament. Not sure what happened there.

But - since it's going to be painted and therefore will need to be filled and sanded - this isn't a huge issue.

The base is 26cm front to back and 19,5cm across.

Close-up of the base parts showing the rear (left) and front (right)
Close-up of the base parts showing the rear (left) and front (right)

Finally - the first of two sets of bumps. These hemispheres go on the outside of the dalek's skirt. Needed 56 in all - and I could fit 30 on a plate easily - so I'll just use the best 56 of 60.

Hemispheres on the build plate
Hemispheres on the build plate

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