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Testing photogrammetry and mapping

Posted: 2017-07-03 | mavic | photogrammetry | altizure | dronedeploy | dji

Testing some of the mapping and 3d/photogrammetry apps out there with the mavic yesterday.

Had some issues with the mavic’s camera focus (was out of focus even when pre-set) so I’ll need to try again.

But - two maps with drone deploy and one 3d model...

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Axial Bomber RR10 build

Posted: 2017-03-04 | axial | car | bomber | rr10

So although I have a couple of basher trucks and one high speed buggy - I didn’t have a good slow/powerful rock climber truck.

After digging thru a fair number of sites - I decided that the Axial RR10 looked like a fun build. I decided to grab the...

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Inspire 1 temperature

Posted: 2016-03-14 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | healthydrones | flytrex

I send my flight data to flytrex while flying, and I also upload the flight records to healthy drones afterwards.

Both show a graph of temperature over time. Healthy drones explicitly shows it as battery temperature, flytrex just temperature.


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Round and round in circles

Posted: 2016-03-13 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Today’s flights were just practicing controls - round and round in circles trying to get smoother at lining up shots etc.

No video - it would be extremely boring - but the following flight logs:

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Flying at Svarterud - 28th Feb 2016

Posted: 2016-02-28 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud


Just having fun.

Three flights with video, one taking shots for a pano.

Flight Logs



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Flying at Svarterud - 21st Feb 2016

Posted: 2016-02-21 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud


A normal Sunday at the stables - so yet again just taking some time to get some flying in.

First flight I took no video - was mostly just getting used to different settings and actions. But I did get a new record max speed of just under 65...

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Svarterud - pics, tests etc

Posted: 2016-02-14 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | dronepan | autoflight

Down at Svarterud again - time for some more tests.


First up - a test of dronepan. This is an SDK app which controls the drone and takes a series of photos for doing a 360 degree panorama. Of course - it can’t shoot straight up thru the...

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Flying sunshade for iPad mini

Posted: 2016-02-13 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | sunshade | ipad

So - the iPad mini is a great screen to fly the Inspire 1 drone with - apart from one thing.

It reflects.

Time for a sunshade. It needs to work both to shade from the sun but also to shade from the user’s reflection.

So - this is based on what I...

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2016-01-31 | inspire1 | quadcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Trying out the new Inspire 1 rig - so flying again at the stables. Flew one battery of two - fingers got too cold to fly the second.

Note to remember:

  • When charging your iPad - remember to take it with you

No fancy stuff yet - didn’t go higher...

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2016-01-17 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud | osmo | snow

A nice cold winter’s day at Svarterud stables. Filmed with both the F550 hexcopter (gopro) and a DJI Osmo handheld gimbal.

Took a couple of panoramas with the osmo too:

Svarterud Svarterud

Flight Logs:

Flytrex log on flytrex...

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Snowy Summit

Posted: 2016-01-10 | summit | traxxas | snow

Been snowing - so what else - took the summit out for a spin:

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2015-11-08 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Second time flying down at Svarterud stables (first flight)

Nice late autumn weather.

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Flying at Svarterud

Posted: 2015-10-26 | F550 | hexcopter | dji | stables | svarterud

Took the F550 out for it’s first spin since April (I really do need to find more time for it).

We were at Svarterud Gård (farm) where the stables the wife and kids ride at is located.

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New racing quad

Posted: 2015-05-15 | quadcopter | FPV | 250 | naze32

Finally did most of the build on the new FPV racing quad.


Initial information was covered in this blog post but the basic idea was that I had a racing FPV250 kit but I disliked the frame. I also wanted to try out the Naze32 board instead...

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Racing 250 - frame change

Posted: 2015-04-21 | FPV | 250 | kk2.1 | naze32

Last year I built a 250 racing quad - HobbyKing’s FPV250.

Some of the more important parts that were included in the kit:

  • 1 x FPV250 frame kit
  • 4 x Multistar 1704 Motors (updated shafts)
  • 4 x Afro V3 12A ESCs (Simionk)
  • 4 x Propellers 5x3x3in 2 green...
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Easter 2015 - Flying

Posted: 2015-04-07 | easter | F550 | hexcopter | dji

Flight Logs:

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Posted: 2015-02-22 | unimog | tamiya | cc01

P’s christmas present this year was a Tamiya CC-01 Unimog kit.

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Out with Summit and Vorza

Posted: 2015-02-21 | vorza | hpi | summit | traxxas

Headed out to Gaustadjordet with P and the Summit and Vorza.

Fun - the summit is better on the snow of course - but there’s just enough ice free for the vorza too.

Lost two of the snow chains at the end (switched to 2x3s and gave the summit a bashing...

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Snow chains for the summit

Posted: 2015-02-14 | summit | snow chains | traxxas

So - the summit slides a bit when the snow is icy on top. Just for fun I thought I’d make some chains for it.

I started with a long length of chain. The links are perhaps a bit small but the next size up was too large.

Then - I looked at the wheel...

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Flytrex Live

Posted: 2014-09-22 | quadcopter | hexcopter | gps tracking | gps logging

Flytrex Core

I’ve been flying for a while with the first generation flytrex core. This sits between the GPS and the Naza controller and simply logs the GPS data along with some barometric data from the core itself and allows me to keep a flight profile

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Flying - Vinland

Posted: 2014-09-21 | F550 | hexcopter | dji

Flying near Vinland (Gan).

Testing a new 9000mah battery (extended life vs. extra weight) but didn’t get to find out. About 6 mins in - the OSD info stopped updating position and then as I brought it in to land - about 3m up - as it was descending - it suddenly flew hard throttle right hitting hard enough to crack one leg (easily fixable) and also throwing the battery out - it’s OK - but I don’t know what battery life I would have had if I’d flown until I hit 15v (I’ve chosen 15v under load as my alarm point). Apart from the leg - it all seems fine but I do wonder why it suddenly lost position signal - it had 12 sat’s showing on the OSD just before.


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Flying - Vinland

Posted: 2014-09-14 | F550 | hexcopter | dji

Flying near Vinland (Gan).


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Flying - Vettre

Posted: 2014-09-13 | F550 | hexcopter | dji

Met up with Gard, Bendik, Philip and Kenneth at Vettre.

Tested both FPV and also waypoint flying with the iPad ground station.


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First proper test-flights of F550 build

Posted: 2014-09-08 | F550 | hexcopter | dji

After spending time this summer building a naza based F550 hex - I haven’t had much time to fly apart from quick tests in the garden.

This weekend we were out in the Gan area (Fetsund) and I took the hex along.

Two test flights:

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Backlight for DX6i

Posted: 2014-06-09 | dx6i | quadcopter | spektrum

Just added a backlight to the DX6i radio.

For instructions see this helifreak post

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KK2.0 quad with DX6i TX and orange R615X RX

Posted: 2014-06-07 | dx6i | kk2.0 | quadcopter | spektrum

So - I’ve been running the KK2.0 quad with the Turnigy TGY 9X radio I got at the same time I built the quad.

Thing is - that the radio burnt out it’s battery compartment when new. I replaced the connectors and it works fine - but it always smells newly burnt. Not good right? And I have the Spektrum DX6i radio for the blade quad I have.

The DX6i is only 6 channels - not 9 like the Turnigy - but I was using 5. So that’s OK.

So - I decided to move the quad over to the DX6i radio.

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Replaced Traxxas Stampede suspension arms with RPM A-arms

Posted: 2014-06-06 | traxxas | stampede | rpm

Had a slight accident with my stampede (Traxxas VXL Stampede 4X4) the other day - hit a jump ramp at slightly the wrong angle and bust a suspension arm.

After some reading online - most people were pointing out that RPM’s third party suspension arms were stronger - so I grabbed two sets.

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Using the Spektrum DX6i radio with the Blade Nano QX

Posted: 2014-05-29 | quadcopter | blade | dx6i | spektrum

So I finally got irritated enough with the radio that comes with the Blade Nano QX RTF (MLP4DSM) that I grabbed a Spektrum DX6i instead.

The Blade Nano QX manual says that you need to following configuration for the DX6i:

  • Acro mode (not heli)
  • Flaps switch should set NORM FLAP to Down 20 (this is for switching the QX in and out of agility mode)
  • Elev D/R and Ail D/R should be at 70% for low rate and 100% for high rate (this gives you a slightly less manic quad when learning)

So - I programmed up the following:

Type and Name

Setup List > Model Type > Acro
Setup List > Model Name > NANO QX

D/R & Expo

Adjust List > D/R Expo > AILE 0 70%
Adjust List > D/R Expo > ELEV 0 70%

Both of these switch to 100% when you flick the respective switch. I guess I could also set a low rate for rudder here if I wanted - but I couldn’t be bothered - yawing isn’t too bad.


Adjust List > Flaps > NORM FLAP > Down 20

Now this says to toggle in and out of agility mode - move the flaps switch from 0 to 1 and back. This appears to work - the LED on the QX switches from blue to red and back.

But - when in agility mode - it stops responding to the pitch/roll stick.

Horizon Hobby support suggested resetting the radio program and starting again - which I did - same result.

Just on a whim - I changed the flaps from NORM FLAP Down 20 to LAND FLAP Down 20 - and this appears to work just fine.

I’ve queried this with Horizon - will get an answer in about a week I guess - based on how long they took last time.

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Quad flying - Gaustad

Posted: 2014-04-03 | quadcopter | phantom | flytrex | gaustadjordet

Was out today with Fredrik and Bendik. Flew out three batteries.

GPS tracks are on my flytrex profile.


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Using GoPro mount to attach FPV screen

Posted: 2014-03-08 | quadcopter | phantom | dji | fpv

I’ve been wondering how best to attach my FPV screen to my phantom radio. I’ve tried the type that attaches to the bar across the back - but they make the kit large and unwieldy. I’d thought to attach it to the lanyard clip mount - but then a couple of times on facebook I saw this mod. It’s easy to do, attaches easily - yet detaches easily for packing.

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Mini-quad case layout

Posted: 2014-03-04 | quadcopter | hubsan | blade

This is based on the Clas Ohlson instrument case - code 38-3978. Note that this is leaving their product line - but is being replaced by Clas Ohlson instrument case - code 38-5920 - which looks identical - is cheaper - and I’ve still not ever found it in stock in any of the shops. In the end I got fed up waiting.

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Phantom Naza connections

Posted: 2013-12-19 | quadcopter | dji | phantom | naza

I was doing some reorganising inside my DJI phantom when I disconnected the cables from the Naza controller.

I’d checked online - and found lots of info on reconnecting them - so I hadn’t noted what was connected where.

However - when it came time...

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Quad Meetup - Gaustadjordet

Posted: 2013-11-24 | quadcopter | dji | phantom | naza | kk2.0

A group of us got together for a flying session on Gaustadjordet near Blindern. If I remember correctly - two DJI phantoms, four KK2.0 custom quad builds (three on the same frame, one different) and a DJI Naza custom build hex.

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Quad Test - Gaustadjordet

Posted: 2013-11-10 | quadcopter | dji | phantom

Test flights of the DJI Phantom on Gaustadjordet near Blindern.

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