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3d printed arduino lamp

Posted: 2018-06-03 | 3d printing | arduino | lamp | ws2812b

The model

A fairly long time ago I found and printed this model: Celluar Lamp. I even scaled it up in size - just to see if I could print it.

The lamp

So - then of course the next question arose - what to do with it. I decided to use up one of the...

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Star decoration

Posted: 2017-11-14 | 3d printing | christmas

Found this model of a star decoration on Thingiverse.

Did a quick print run and instead of using a string of LED lights just grabbed a handful from the drawer and a small buck converter.

The converter is set for 3v output (nominal forward voltage...

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Starting to prime some dalek parts

Posted: 2017-10-12 | 3d printing | dalek | omnom | painting

To move forward with the Dalek build - the next step is to start work on priming and painting the parts.

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Model turntable

Posted: 2017-10-03 | 3d printing | models | painting | airbrush | fusion360

When working on some models (both kit and 3d printed) it helps to have a turntable to get access all around without having to touch the model. Ths helps when building, painting and especially when airbrushing.

I found this design on thingiverse but it wasn’t quite what I wanted - a bit too small and needs to be screwed together. I wanted a larger plate and everything to be a press fit.

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All plastic dalek parts

Posted: 2017-09-04 | 3d printing | dalek

I picked up the transparent (or natural) filament today - so I could print off the light covers (ears).

That means all parts from the model are now printed.

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More parts for the Dalek

Posted: 2017-09-03 | 3d printing | dalek

Printing progress. Lots more parts printed. I have run out of blue so some are red. I’ve also run out of red - so the skirts will be in black. All that leaves now is the ears - they need to be in clear - and I need to get some clear filament for those (they will not be painted and need to have LEDs inside).

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Project Dalek

Posted: 2017-09-01 | dalek

Did some digging - and have found several voice modulators for arduino out there that can make you sound like you’re a dalek. Some of them also do the lights control. Some mention the wave arduino shield from adafruit as a useful addition.

Didn’t find exactly what I want (I’m more interested in one that can take playback rather than a microphone) but I did find that lots of things link to Project Dalek - looks like a really useful resource.

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Base and bumps

Posted: 2017-08-31 | 3d printing | dalek

The Dalek build has been started.

The base front and back parts have been printed.

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I feel I have to build a Dalek

Posted: 2017-08-31 | 3d printing | dalek

While I was digging for some inspiration for a new 3d model I happened across the Accurate Dalek Model by user Audrey2.

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Filter holder for Polar Pro

Posted: 2017-08-25 | 3d printing | mavic | polarpro | fusion360 | simplify3d

I recently picked up a set of PolarPro’s Cinema ND and ND+Polarizer filters for DJI Mavic drone. They come in a nice box supported in foam but are a bit fiddly to get in and out.

Did some looking online and found a nice tool to allow you to keep your fingers off the filter glass.

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Printing Pac-Man

Posted: 2017-08-21 | 3d printing | pac-man | fusion360 | simplify3d

I was watching a video on 3D Printing Nerd’s youtube channel where he was printing a Pac-Man ghost (video at the end of this post).

It made me think that it could be fun to do something similar.

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Test 3d print spinner

Posted: 2017-07-04 | 3d printing | fidget spinner | spinner | fusion360 | simplify3d

So - the kids are taken by the current fidget spinner craze.

I have to say that personally - they seem like simple gyroscopes - but OK - they think they’re interesting.

So - what can we do with that to make it more interesting (and perhaps just a...

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