Posted: 2018-11-21

Most of the 3d printing I am interested in is functional prints. However - sometimes a model sticks out as something really worth printing.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex

The MakerBot T-Rex skeleton is one such.

For ease of printing - I went with this remix printed at 130% scale.

For the ribs - you can choose either each rib in turn standing - or a complete set printed laying on the plate - with supports.

The standing single ribs I was finding hard to slice in slic3r prusa edition - some thin walls that needed me to turn off single wall detection, but - still left gaps. So I went with the complete set with supports. This printed well - but - the bits that clip into the holes in the spine were too thin. So I removed them and used CA glue to fix to the spine protrusions just above each hole instead.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Scale - the model is about 80 cm (31.5") teeth to tail and 32 cm (12,5") from the base to the top of the upper hip bone.

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