3d printed arduino lamp

Posted: 2018-06-03

The model

A fairly long time ago I found and printed this model: Celluar Lamp. I even scaled it up in size - just to see if I could print it.

The lamp

So - then of course the next question arose - what to do with it. I decided to use up one of the strips of programmable WS2812B LEDs I had lying around.

So - I needed something to put the strip on, and something to diffuse the LEDs with.

The holder was basically just a tube I could wind the LEDs around with a base and a hole to allow me to thread the wires to the inside:

LED holder
LED holder

The diffuser is just a simple cylinder - printed in vase mode with no top or bottom.

The wait

Then the project just sat and collected dust for a while. I knew I wanted to control it using a Wemos D1 mini arduino for the built in wifi, and I knew I'd settled on using the FastLED library for the LEDs - but I couldn't be bothered to do the work :)

The lamp lives

The last night I found FastLED + ESP8266 Web Server on github. Perfect.

All I had to do was change the wifi details and set the correct number of LEDs.

That meant that we now have the lamp functional.


The lamp is not finished

Things still to do:

  • Get a proper power supply and connect it directly instead of via USB and route it in at the base instead of the top
  • Monitor the temperature - I need to set a max brightness/allowed current so that it doesn't get too warm

The video

A short mobile phone recording showing some of the modes that the program provides. Note that you can also set a single solid RGB colour at a chosen brightness - so it doesn't have to be moving/changing - but I didn't record that :)

The STL files