Starting to prime some dalek parts

To move forward with the Dalek build - the next step is to start work on priming and painting the parts.

Before I started that I decided to have a test run.

I grabbed Om Nom from thingiverse and printed it then primed it and painted it.

The results were OK - not perfect - but OK. I didn't spend hours sanding it perfect - since all I wanted to prove was that the filler would bind to the plastic and that I could sand it before using the paint primer and then painting.

I did learn that using Liquid Mask on a layer that has it's outer paint layer on but not yet varnished means that when you remove the liquid mask it removes the paint back down to the paint primer layer. So that's something to avoid. I also need better masking tape - the cheap stuff I have isn't quite holding a tight edge on curves - so there was a little leakage of the green onto the edges of the eyes.

Om Nom test paint job
Om Nom test paint job

So - the next step was to start on the dalek's base and skirt.

First up all four parts were sanded to remove a little of the high edges and to give the primer some key to attach to.

Then each part got a layer of filler primer.

After that had dried - each part got a quick sanding and then the two base parts were glued together and the two skirt parts were glued together.

Finally the glued seams were filled with a modelling putty.

Once this has all dried it will be more sanding/filling/sanding/filling with finer sandpapers until it is ready for the first paint primer and then painting.

Base parts glued together
Base parts glued together
Skirt parts glued together
Skirt parts glued together
Skirt simply placed on base
Skirt simply placed on base

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