Flying at Svarterud - 21st Feb 2016

Posted: 2016-02-21


A normal Sunday at the stables - so yet again just taking some time to get some flying in.

First flight I took no video - was mostly just getting used to different settings and actions. But I did get a new record max speed of just under 65 km/h and also a max distance away from home point (where the aircraft lifted from) of 300m.

The second flight I did record some video - a few clips:


Later in the afternoon we took the kids out on a combined riding/road cart trip. Elita pulled the road cart, Grace was for riding and the kids swapped over at the turnaround point. We also had Svarta and Santana along for the ride. Elita's getting very good at this cart driving and seems completely unphased by traffic driving past her.