Svarterud - pics, tests etc

Posted: 2016-02-14

Down at Svarterud again - time for some more tests.


First up - a test of dronepan. This is an SDK app which controls the drone and takes a series of photos for doing a 360 degree panorama. Of course - it can't shoot straight up thru the drone - so in the result I've limited upwards movement so that you can't go too high - but it does go all the way to pointing straight down.

The viewer seems to have a full screen button and also seems to respond on a mac to shift and command (found by trial and error - guessing shift and control or shift and windows) - to zoom in and out. Click and drag with mouse to move around.

Note that there's a bug right now - shot 5 was taken and then shot 6 without a gimbal move. This leaves a nice square black box. The dev's are working hard at finding out what's causing it and how to fix it - so hopefully fixed in a coming version.


Next up - a test of autopilot. This has lots of abilities - but all I was testing here was orbit - at different angles of camera and speeds. It is flying autonomously - so I got a little time to warm my hands while this was being done. Note that the original footage is smooth too - that's not done in post.

I note that the horizon is off on a couple - I'll have to look into that.

Some pics

Just some photos to finish

Balance training on Santana - using a vaulting surcingle


Then a shot of Øyeren from about 20m up from the drone.

Øyeren from up high
Øyeren from up high

Lastly a shot taken over the fields just before we left - iPhone pano.