Flying sunshade for iPad mini

So - the iPad mini is a great screen to fly the Inspire 1 drone with - apart from one thing.

It reflects.

Time for a sunshade. It needs to work both to shade from the sun but also to shade from the user's reflection.

So - this is based on what I've seen available commercially (in other countries than where I'm based of course), and although it folds flat - it doesn't fit inside the inspire 1 case (a soft cloth shade might work better there but would be less stable) - however - at a cost of "gorilla tape I had lying around + half a sheet of foam core" it'll do.

First - the folded flat view. You can also fold the sides in over the middle to make it smaller but thicker.

Folded out flat.
Folded out flat.

Now - the sides - pieces glued in place slide in front and behind the edges of the iPad. Note that you need a hole for the cable to connect thru (right side).

Left side.
Left side.
Right side with cable hole.
Right side with cable hole.

And now - in place. The downward slant works together with angling the mount so that you can see the screen without reflecting your face (in other words you should not be looking face on - the screen should be angled away from you).

Mounted on the iPad and radio.
Mounted on the iPad and radio.

If it gets windy I might have to stretch some kind of elastic from edge to edge behind the iPad - not sure yet - but it seems stable enough for the winds that you're able to fly in.

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