Racing 250 - frame change

Posted: 2015-04-21

Last year I built a 250 racing quad - HobbyKing's FPV250.

Some of the more important parts that were included in the kit:

  • 1 x FPV250 frame kit
  • 4 x Multistar 1704 Motors (updated shafts)
  • 4 x Afro V3 12A ESCs (Simionk)
  • 4 x Propellers 5x3x3in 2 green 2 black (CW and CCW)

To this I added a KK2.1 controller and an orange (spektrum compatible) receiver as well as the FPV sender (immersion RC) and a fatshark camera.

I'm a little unhappy with the frame legs - doesn't seem to matter what glue I use - they don't stay fixed. I also wanted to test out the naze32 acro controller - getting lots of feedback that it's a really nice controller.

So - I'm rebuilding the racer with the following:


I'll be using the naze32 acro controller. This is a port of multiwii - but runs a 32bit processer instead of 8bit. The acro version has no pressure sensor or magnetometer - which means no pressure altitude hold or gps compatibility - but for a racer that's not needed anyway.


I'm testing the H-King Pocket Foldable Premium 240mm FPV Ready Quad Copter Frame W/PDB (KIT) frame. It's a 240 not a 250 - but can still take 5" propellers - so I'll be able to use the 5x3x3 triple blade props I already have and I'll also be testing with more normal 5x3 propellers.

I'll be keeping the ESC's and motors from the previous build for now - not sure if the 1704 motors will be good enough - but if I want to move to 2204s later then I can do that. Will wait and see first.

RX and FPV gear - will just use the ones I already have.

Just have to wait for parts now.